RT Game

“Wanna play a little game? It’ll be fun! I promise, it won’t hurt.. too much *grins*”


Since playing My first few findom RT games on twitter, including My infamous “High Roller” game that got Me a pretty 1k, I’ve had So many addicts, pay pigs, and losers BEGGING for the privilege of playing, of being featured on MY twitter timeline and being used for My profit and amusement. It’s such a RUSH to play, not knowing the outcome, seeing the numbers continue to climb as the clock ticks down, minute by minute. 

When it comes to My RT games, there are 3 levels that I offer. A deposit will be required for each game played, and does NOT detract from what you owe at the end. Ready to play?

Newbies/Poor Boys – The first one is for those that are new to findom RT games or too scared that they won’t be able to afford it. It may not end up being much, but I’ll still happily take every cent I can from you. They last for one hour, and can go from $1 per RT/ $1 per favorite to $3 per RT/ $2 per favorite. A small deposit of $15 is required, I will discuss the amount with you, and then I will post the game. The payment methods that I accept are listed on My twitter profile

High RollerThink you’ve got what it takes to run with the big dogs? Ready to open that wallet nice and wide for a delicious, mind altering Financial Fuck Over? This THIS is the RT Game for you. THIS one lasts either 12 of 24 hours, and is guaranteed to get plenty of hits. It starts at $7/$5, but can go to $10/$10… if you think you can handle it, My eager little pay pig. Given the length of time in this findom game, a deposit of $100 is required before I’ll consider starting it. 

Embrace the UnknownReally want to experience a rush? Then let’s add a little spice to this one and let destiny decide your financial fate. I have a wheel that I can spin that ranges from the bare minimum to the ultimate high roller game. You pay a $50 deposit, I give it a spin, and then your fate is sealed *grins* It’s the ultimate RUSH for findom junkies, having no idea what lies in store, only that I will profit and enjoy seeing you sweat as I watch the numbers go UP and your account balance go down. Of course, I’ll post a screenshot of the outcome on the wheel along with the game, so you’ll be left in the dark until the game begins. NOT for the financially faint of heart. 

If you feel you just can’t handle it anymore and choose to chicken out. you will still owe Me the amount that the game is up to at the time you back out. Don’t think that because you choose to back out of the game that you aren’t responsible for what you signed up for. You accepted the terms of the game and therefore are required to pay the amount that is accumulated.

Now, DM Me on twitter if you’re really ready to play and Let the Games BEGIN!!!!

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