Contact Me

For those that want to send something more personal – and I absolutely ADORE hand picked gifts, love letters, and cold hard ca$h sent directly to Me – I now have an address you can send them to. Lucky, lucky you!
PO Box 1374
Goose Creek, SC 29445

Think you’re ready to take the plunge and contact Me directly? Dying to beg to become another of My playthings? Then you may contact me at my main email address:
I abhor small talk, so I expect you to get straight to the point and tell me why it is that you’re contacting me. Think you want to serve? Tell Me how you think you would be able to do so. Oh, and fyi, jerking your pathetic little dicklet isn’t serving ME at all… I’m a findom, a femdom, a manipulatrix, a humiliatrix, a Financial Femme Fatale… The ONLY time your disgusting dick interests Me is when I’m using it as a leash to lead you to open your wallets and submit to MY desires. It’s a build in control system, nothing more.

If you’re interested in getting a custom clip, you may contact me at the same address. Custom clips start at $100 for 5-10 minutes and can go up from there. If you want a particular outfit, IF I approve it you’ll have to purchase that on top of paying for the clip. Oh, and one last thing – NO NUDITY. EVER. The same applies for cam sessions.

For those that are dying to hear My voice live or to experiencing the supreme BLISS that is seeing Me on cam while you serve or humiliate yourself for My amusement, then get in touch with Me via Niteflirt. You can also find various items for sale there that are guaranteed to further your addiction, keeping you weak and obsessing over Me
 know this may be hard to understand for some of you losers, but I DO have a life, so I suggest you contact Me in advance in order to schedule a session via Kik, Niteflirt, Skype, etc. The aforementioned items can be purchased under My Niteflirt profile. You didn’t actually think you’d get them for free, did you? *laughs* Not unless you’re part of My collection of addicts at OnlyFans.
Those that are a part of this collection are privy to photos, audio recordings, videos, and various other privileges that the mundane lurker can only dream of. Also, those that are part of MY OF Addict base will receive priority in sessions, customs, etc. So what are you waiting for My future pay pig? Go and sign up NOW

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