About Me

“You fill Your victims with such intense lust and ecstasy, its too late when they realize You’ve consumed them… even the pain feels sweet.” ~brokentoy
Many have seen me under the Domme label, and while some aspects often go along with it, I’ve decided I don’t like it anymore. It’s too confining, too cliché, too associated with brainless beauties spewing cookie cutter insults without actually *thinking* about what they’re saying or doing… and I am SO much more than that.
Just give in....
I am
The Brat that teases you
The Bitch that controls you
The Goddess that you worship
The Empress that rules you
The Femme Fatale that seduces you
Yeah, I combine all of those elements and more in a way that boys like you find completely irresistible. I am a financial femme fatale, able to turn subs’ and slaves’ minds to mush with a few words and a knowing glance. I take great pleasure in twisting up your thoughts until your wants, needs, and desires are in perfect harmony with My own. That’s right boys… MY pleasure will be your pleasure, MY desires will be your desires, MY wishes will be your demands. You will be My plaything, a wallet to stretch WIDE open and take from whenever I wish. You will learn to sacrifice and suffer, to go without in order to ensure that all of My needs are met.
While I still enjoy teasing, tormenting, and toying with submissives, remember that this site is all about ME. I didn’t make it just so a bunch of worthless wankers could jerk off for free. I made it to give My good little admirers, addicts, and freaks – the ones that want Me happy – a place to worship Me. And, of course, to give new willing victims a little taste of My siren’s song. As I continue to rebuild, you’ll find access to my photos, audio recordings, video clips, and My own narcissistic philosophies about life as a Goddess and as the servant of one.

Make no mistake, I don’t NEED your money either. That’s what makes this even more delicious. I take it because I want to, because I CAN. I do it because I enjoy it, because I love having addicted admirers catering to My ever whim… because I thrive on the highs I get while I toy with your mind, heart, body, and of course wallet. I find myself intoxicated by the power I have over you. I get turned on when I see you reduced to a quivering lump of submissive goo that only has enough will power to utter the beautiful words “Yes Domina” after each of My commands. Besides, we both know that I deserve it far more than you do. Nor do I want to date you. Sorry, but fist fucking losers just don’t do it for me. Teasing the fuck out of you until I get what I want, however, does…. and that’s a game I have yet to lose.
Suddenly find yourself feeling weak in the knees and overcome with the desire to serve Me? The drop to your knees and click HERE to send Me an email introducing yourself and begging to serve Me. PS – wanking your pathetic cock is not serving Me, so be sure to keep that in mind when you’re explaining WHY I should allow you to serve as My slave.
“Saraya is a goddess in the true sense of the word. Her beauty is beyond compare. Her delicious words are a siren’s song that no man can resist. Mesmerizing, intoxicating, enrapturing. But be warned, don’t take her lightly, for she has a power that one cannot describe, if you enter her world, not only will she trap you in her sensual web of desire and seduction, but she’ll have you wanting, craving and begging to surrender everything of yourself to please her.” ~My mousey

Fuck You

My interests include:

Financial Domination, not to be confused with tributing


Self Indulgence

Using your weaknesses to MY advantage

Foot Worship

Goddess Worship

Heel / Boot / Shoe Worship

Chastity – Key holding

Tease and (especially) DENIAL

Turning subs into My willing wallets

Light Humiliation and Degradation


Seeing the Power I have over you. RAWR.


Cuckolding – Serve Me AND MY Man

Sadism. your pain truly is My pleasure

Mental manipulation. A good mindfuck can bring one on some of the most intense highs. Mindgasm anyone?

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