Allow Me to reintroduce Myself

Since it’s been so long since I’ve decided to use My blogging site, I figured it was time to clear out the old entries and start off fresh. There’s always something about this time of year that makes me want to tear everything down, set it aflame, and build up new from the ashes, like a Phoenix spreading Her wings once again. I’ve been in this scene for a long time, and I’m going to be here for ages to come. Now, allow Me to reintroduce Myself…

~I am the Financial Femme Fatale of your Darkest Dreams~

First off, I am NOT like every other findom out there, as any of my slaves can tell you. I am not just a cruel mistress, a princess bitch, a seductive succubus, or a money hungry vixen. I embody all of these traits and so much more. you will learn to enjoy what I enjoy, find pleasure through pleasing Me, and before you know it you’ll be sucked in by My voice and brainfucked into becoming My newest addict money slave $$$.

I am a young Woman with a knockout body, razorsharp wit, and a wicked mind. Yes, I know what I have and I KNOW how to use it. I love to laugh, and nothing makes Me laugh more than turning boys like you inside out, wrapping you around My perfectly manicured finger, and making you pay to perform humiliating tricks for My amusement. I’m not one to get in your face and scream at you all the time either. Yawn. How simplistic, crude, and tasteless. I prefer the subtle mindfuck… reaching around in that brain of yours, finding all of your fetishes and fantasies, and then using them to My advantage in order to make you squuiiiirrrrmmm and beg for more. Doesn’t it sound like fun?! Of course it does.

The only thing that pleases Me more than turning you into My little puppet is draining that cumbersome bank account in the process. Isn’t it sweet of Me to take that burden away from you? No more counting or checkbook balancing is needed when I take control of it all. You know I’m worth it anyway. Trust me, you’ll enjoy spending it on Me MUCH more than you’d enjoy spending it on yourself, items that only give you a fleeting sense of pleasure but ultimately leave you feeling hollow inside. Pleasing Me will become the most important thing in your pathetic little life. you exist to submit, to serve, to ensure that I have anything and everything My gorgeous heart desires. you need a Dominant Goddess to take charge of and lead your wretched life. In other words, you need ME.

It’s time to break out those credit cards and take the first steps into becoming a part of My decadent Empire, built on the back of My loyal $laves.

Fetishes that I currently enjoy include FINANCIAL DOMINATION, humiliation, degradation, chastity / keyholding, tease and denial, cum control/edging, SPH, mind fucking, molding you into MY idea of a perfect slave, foot worship, and body worship. What REALLY gets Me hot is those that are willing to hand over their hard earned cash to ensure that I can have EVERYTHING…especially if that means they have to go without. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that I do this because I NEED your money. Silly, stupid boy. I do this simply because I WANT to, because I get a RUSH of of creating new, loyal paypigs groveling at My feet. Now get on your knees, crawl to Me, and beg to be Mine.

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